Upcoming Events

Manchester celebrates the month of April

Download our April recreation calendar for more information on exciting events taking place throughout our community!


Events are subject to change. Please contact our Therapeutic Recreation Department for more information on April events!


Art Therapy
We’ll be introducing art therapy to our residents for the first time this month. Art Therapy incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media.  We’ll first begin with glass tiles, sharpies, and alcohol. The resident can make their own design! We’re so excited to try this!

 Easter Egg Decorating 
We’ll be taking artificial Easter eggs and decorating them with markers, stickers, and lots of colorful creative items. Easter egg decorating with the residents has always been a fun tradition! We intend to keep it that way, so prepare to create and have an awesome “eggsperience”.

Celebrating Earth Day 
We’ll take the flowers we planted in March from our resident’s rooms and bring them to our courtyard to celebrate Earth Day! Also, we will have other flowers to plant for those who didn’t have the opportunity in March. We’re planning to brighten up the resident’s courtyard with flower power!

As we practice proper social distancing protocols in our community, we are proud to feature modified programming to continue providing vibrancy for our residents and employees. All events are subject to change. Please feel free to follow us on our Facebook page for continued updates as well as reaching out to us via Messenger.