Manchester Center for Rehabilitation and Healing Case Study (May 2021)

Concierge Director: Jennifer Clayton 
Patient’s Age: 82 years old
Admission Date: 4/16/21
Discharge Date: 5/21/21
Length of Stay: 34 days
Reason for Stay: Mr. Woods was admitted from another SNF after hospitalization with an R femur fracture.

Details of Experience:
On admission, the patient had orthostatic hypotension issues, which made it hard for him to walk. He was unable to take steps or even stand with assistance. 

After being at Manchester Center for four weeks, he was discharged back to his Assisted Living Community and is now able to walk up to 200 feet with his walker, unassisted, and is meeting all his ADLs without assistance. 

Mr. Woods was very happy with the care he received while at Manchester Center. Manchester Center wishes you all the best and a happy, healthy future!