Manchester Center for Rehabilitation and Healing Case Study (September 2021)

Concierge Director: Jennifer Clayton 
Patient Age: 73
Date of Admission: 06/25/21
Admitted from: Vanderbilt Tullahoma Horton Hospital 
Length of Stay: 76 days
Discharged to: Home
Reason for Stay: Complications involving his Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and COPD
How did patient hear about community: Hospital Referral

Details of Experience:

Mr. Matthew came to Manchester Center after a brief stay at Vanderbilt Tullahoma Horton Hospital, where he was admitted for issues involving his Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and COPD. He also had issues with altered mental status. He was then referred over to Manchester Center!

Upon arrival, he was quickly greeted by many Manchester Centers team members, such as Social Work, Activities Director, our therapy team, and many more. After he settled in, he was evaluated by the therapy team. At that time, it was noted that Mr. Matthews required Mod/Max assistance for his daily living activities (ADLs) and could only walk a few steps. His family was considering long-term care for Mr. Matthews. He eagerly worked hard on his therapy over a few months. He reached the point where he could complete all ADLs independently and use a rollator to walk household distances.

The patient was discharged home with his wife. Mr. Matthews, you accomplished while here at Manchester Center.

We wish you a healthy and happy future!